Statute & Board

the Statute

The Life-Link Friendship-Schools Association has been formed to encourage and support youth in training in matters that primarily concern the peace research, conflict resolution and constructive cooperation, and to promote research and education in subjects whose development and dissemination can contribute to common security and peaceful development of the world.

To achieve its purpose, the association, in addition to encouraging peace research and peace projects, will also organize or assist in organizing seminars, conferences, campaigns within the fields related to the association's primary purpose. The purpose will be achieved through a democratic cooperation between youth and adults.

You can continue to read the full statute (sv. "STADGAR för den ideella föreningen LIFE-LINK FRIENDSHIP-SCHOOLS med benämning LIFE-LINK FRIENDSHIP-SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION") here.


Lars T Johnson


Nazanin Mehrin

Youth Chair Person
University Student, Stockholm


Office Consultants

Andrei Neculau

Developer/IT Consultant

Göran Säve

Executive Director Earth Care Campaign

Per Modeér

Authorized Auditor, PM Revision

International Advisors

Christina McMahon

B.A. Dip. Ed., Director Conflict Resolution Schools Development

Gladys Hernandez Parra,

Active Life-Link Teacher

Josefina Löfgren

International Relations

Kalaimani Supramaniam

DepChairman Malaysian Nature Society

Marcela Masó

Active Life-Link Teacher

Molook Khadivi

Active Life-Link Teacher

Omar Tayeh

Private Schools Council

Peter Wallensteen

Prof. Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala Univesity

Sukhjinder Singh

Independent Schools’ Federation of India

Board Members

Hans Levander

Medical Doctor

Carl Lindberg

Advisor for "Education for Sustainable Development" - Swedish Commission for UNESCO

Christina Peters

Teacher in German language and History

Lars Rydén

Margret Benedikz

Principal at SSHL

Maria Barck-Holst


Peder Palmstierna

Secretary of Board
Science Teacher

The board has ~monthly meetings. Each meeting has a protocol in Swedish, and an appendix in English.
You can download the most recent appendix or browse the previous appendices.
Documents from anual meetings are also available for download.