Life-Link Friendship-Schools

the Organisation

in Brief

We are an independent non-governmental organisation which aims to promote contact and cooperation between young people around the world and their schools, through active participation in shared projects, vital for our time (e.g. environment, human rights, conflict resolution and constructive collaboration).

Our initiatives focus on three main areas:

The realisation of these interdependent areas will lead to increased common security.

Our philosophy is based on natural and social sciences and is neither politically nor religiously aligned.

Life-Link is today a well recognized organisation with international contacts in more than 90 countries worldwide, with three levels of organisation:

  1. Committees or Clubs in schools with youth-teachers-parents-resourse persons.
  2. National and regional coordinators and advisers.
  3. International office and board in the Uppsala, Sweden.

At the core of the organisation lies the Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme.

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