Who Benefits and How

Inside the School


  • More Self-esteem, more Concern about my Lifestyle, and more Hope for the Future
  • Learning through practical projects and problem-solving
  • Language and Communication training
  • Collaboration and Project Management Skills
  • Behaviour towards Care and Share

Teachers - Educators

  • Global Classroom and Global Education
  • Pedagogics for Teaching/Learning through Problem Solving
  • Theory into Practice
  • Conflict resolution and Mediation skills
  • Interaction with Community Experts


  • International Curriculum
  • Quality - Attractive reputation
  • Peaceful Behaviour between Students and Teachers and among Students Themselves
  • Higher status in society

Outside the School


  • Favourable Interaction: School-Parents-Community
  • Campaigns: Clean Up, Water, Tree planting, Anti Drugs etc.
  • Non-violence Behaviour
  • Caring and Sharing society
  • Sustainable Development

States and Countries

  • Building Confidence across Borders
  • Dialogue Among Civilisations
  • Building Common Security
  • From Culture of War to Culture of Peace

the Earth

  • Reverence for Life and Biology on Earth
  • Clean Air - Water - Soil
  • Behaviour in Favour of Sustainable Development
  • Care for Energy Resources and Global Warming