Life-Link Friendship-Schools

the Programme

Care Actions at and around Schools World-wide

Youth, aged preferably 12-19, in cooperation with teachers, parents and community, perform "2 hours" Care Actions inspired by the manual of the Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme.

The manual includes a list of 62 Care Actions within the themes of Care for Myself, Care for Others, Care for Nature and Let's Get Organised.

The actions should take place at and around your school or within the nearby community, and can be initiated by a class or a club at your school.

Each performed action should be reported to Life-Link online or by mail, fax or E-mail. By sending your school's first Action Report, the school will join the Life-Link network and it will be listed under our Schools & Actions.

Partner-Schools in Local and Global Collaboration

Once your school is registered, you can study if other schools in the world have performed similar care actions. Just search under our Schools & Actions.

You might be interested to contact others performing similar actions. Share your experience! Contact them directly using the contact information on their school page!

We stress the importance that your first approach takes into consideration a time-limited collaboration (e.g. 1-2 months), and the type of communication you want to carry out. A partner-schools' collaboration benefits greatly from good planning and Project Management.

This approach can have a "spin-off effect" and it can lead to a prolonged collaboration. Individual pen-pal contacts can grow out from partner-schools contacts, and they can continue after the latter have finalised. You might also benefit from networking several schools around the same topic of interest.

It is up to your school to discuss such extended programmes. But before going into any partner-schools programme or networking, Life-Link advocates small peace and care actions to be performed at and around your school!

The Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme needs no specific application form or entrance fee!

Just perform one action and join!

We're engaging 786 schools in 92 countries.
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