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the I Care Recognition diploma for your school!

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I Care for Myself

A student who has seriously considered his/her personal development and growth; Such as studies, health, life-style, or having tackled private problems.

A student/pupil or 2-3 students together, who will be models at and around your school for personal growth, self-esteem, etc.

I Care for Others

A student who listens and cares for other students, inspires others to grow, creates team-work; at the school or within the schools nearby community.

A student/pupil or 2-3 students together, who will be models for friendship and constructive collaboration.

I Care for Nature

A student who cares for Nature, the Environment, Flora & Fauna, and a RRR friendly Life-Style (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle).

A student/pupil or 2-3 students together, who by actions and programs inspire other youth and adults into an RRR friendly and environmental sustainable life-style.

Let's Get Organised!

A teacher or staff person or active parent who engage at school’s curriculum and supports the students Care Actions at and around the school.

A teacher/educator who supports actions and programs at the school in favour or Care for MyselfCare for OthersCare for Nature as well as Project Management skills.

In practice, here are some proposals for how to plan and perform an annual I Care Recognition – Diploma "all school" ceremony, preferably an outstanding ceremony, but the school decides on the format.

Appoint a small I Care Recognition committee

  • to promote awareness of the I Care Recognition at school,
  • to inspire students, teachers and staff to formulate and send in proposals for candidates,
  • to scrutinize the sent in proposals and to appoint the year’s qualified students / teacher,
  • to plan for the official ceremony at the school. NB this is a Recognition with a Diploma, and not any financial award. Still the school might add some financial resources to the Diploma, in order to facilitate for small scholarships or field-study visits etc.,
  • to report the results at school annual report and local news and media.

Hand to each qualified student/educator:

  • one Cover Sheet that has been designed by a young artistic student girl Cecilia, 15 years old, nice for framing at home or collected in the Curriculum Vitae documentation.
  • one Personal Document with a short individual explanation and motivation for the recognition. The school will of course add its name and logo. Signatures by representatives from School board and also from Students school association

Both the cover sheet and the personal document can be downloaded from here.

Report the I Care Recognition ceremony as a performed Life-Link Action 4:11 Life-Link campaign


The idea of an I Care Recognition at schools world-wide was introduced in Sweden, 11 November 2011 ( 11-11-11 !) by Life-Link board members Maria and Hans. It builds on the Life-Link ethics of Care for MyselfCare for OthersCare for Nature and Let's Get Organised. It was for the first time introduced with most positive reactions at the Sigtuna SSHL school in Sweden in May 2012, and has since then been discussed at the Life-Link international RRR conference in August 2012.