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June 30, 2013
Read about Liceo Artistico in Arica, Chile
engaging in Water for Life on June 30, 2013
3:08 Water for Life Nature
6018 From March to June 2013 the students have developed activities "Water Savings and Care" in the school and at home. This month we're in the final evaluation. Developed the LIFE_LINK guide "Water for Life." Students and teachers participated in exhibitions with pictures, brochures in the community of this city .Students created poems.See photos of students in class an a civic act,and in this civic act they are singing and also the Principal talking to their students. RESULTS . Successful, but will continue to strengthen
Support activities: Principals Mrs Dora ponce, Mrs Ana Soto, Teacher: Marta Mar?n and others and Coordinator Life-Link Gladys Hern?ndez
Engage for 1 day · 40 students aged 7-17 · 4 teachers · 40 parents ·


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