Care for Nature

3:01SOS - Switch Off Something; Energy Resources and Sustainability

  • Most of energy resources that we use today are non-renewable.
  • Energy forms, demands and sources.
  • Using these sources ruthlessly we seem to forget the impact that our behaviour has on the lives of future generations. Students and schools can influence to use valuable and precious resources of nature carefully.
  • This Action proposal comes close to the R-R-R action and the Transportation action!

3:02I.D.E.A.S - International Day of Environmental Action and Service

  • The aim of this day is to unite schools and link their actions globally so that we respond together in a common concern.
  • This project was set up by an English school to encourage contacts with other schools.
  • This action can be a part of the Clean Up the World action (3:03). If you run IDEAS in September as a part of the Clean Up the World action, just report your results to Newport Free Grammar School.

3:03Clean Up the World Campaign

  • Pollution! Why?
  • Clean Up The World Campaign, initiated in Sydney, then covering Australia, today encompassing the World.

3:04Endangered Animals and Plants - Biodiversity

  • Ecology, Biology, and Ornithology.
  • Endangered animals, their way of living, their habitats and how we can protect them and study their behaviour.

3:05Passing the Message R-R-R: Reduce- Reuse- Recycle

  • Earths limited natural and biological resources.
  • "Waste", definition.
  • Positive environmental impact of R-R-R and what I / We can do to help.
  • The R-R-R action goes well together with some other actions like Transports At and Around Our School (3:09), SOS (3:01), IDEAS (3:02), Clean Up the World (3:03), Water For Life (3:08).

3:06Tree Planting Action

  • Deserts across the world are increasing due to human use/misuse of earth and flora.
  • The fundamental importance of trees and other flora for life on Earth.

3:07Dramas - Art - Music - Writing - Poetry, about the Environment

  • The environment is at risk and many people are not aware of the problems. What are the problems with the environment today?
  • Different strategies to convey a message.

3:08Water for Life

  • Water is a limited and a non-renewable "resource" on Earth.
  • Water is an indispensable constituent for Life.
  • Water connects people and states through rivers, seas and oceans.
  • Demands for water causes serious conflicts between neighbouring states.
  • An ethics in favour of "Caring and Sharing of the Earth's Water" must have highest priority for individuals' behaviour as well as collective undertakings.

3:09Transports At and Around Our School

  • Modern society is highly dependent on efficient transportation means for people and goods.
  • Transportation systems demand energy consumption.
  • Community policy on transportation.
  • Efficient and earth-friendly transportation systems.

3:10Green School Garden

  • Garden cultivation. Plant, vegetable and flower growth requirements.
  • Insects and microorganisms in a green garden.
  • Fertilisers and pesticides, necessary or hazardous parts of a green garden?
  • Influence of a green environment on human health and wellbeing.

3:11Chemicals and Nature

  • Manmade chemicals and their effects on nature.
  • Heavy metals, elements and nature.
  • Global warming.
  • Ozone layer depletion.

3:12Bushfire and Forest Fire Prevention

  • Destructive power of fire.
  • How fires start? How can fires be prevented?
  • What about forest fires being beneficial for growth of certain flora?

3:13UNESCO World Heritage Programme

  • How and what to learn from Natural sites and Cultural monuments.
  • Criteria to become a UNESCO World Heritage (UWH).
  • What is Knowledge.
  • Taboos in connection with cultural values.
  • Biodiversity - Sustainability.

3:14Biodiversity - Agenda 21

  • International agreements on sustainability.
  • National and community commitments.

3:15Contact with Nature

  • Man is part of the biosphere.
  • Concepts of Empathy, Sympathy, Reverence.
  • Theories of biological creation.
  • Society in closer contact with nature.

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Care for Myself, Others, Nature,
and Let's Get Organised!