Contact a Newspaper

When performing local Life-Link actions at your school
or within the school’s nearby community,
it can be beneficial and rewarding to involve Media.

What media contacts can be found within your community: Newspaper journalist, Radio & Television reporters, Your own school’s local newsletter editor as well as students at your school, active with media studies!

Journalists could be invited to any of your actions. Journalists prefer to join if students perform any visible activity such as Tree planting or Clean Up or theatre performance or sport games etc.

Always document with photos from your Life-Link actions.

Students can also act as journalists and send information plus photos to local media.

Always try to establish a personal contact with journalists at nearby newspaper, radio or TV. You will learn a lot for your future career!

Ask media expert/s for an annual lecture and training, , at your school or visiting any nearby media office. How do I prepare for, and how can I learn to respond to interviews?

When you approach media, be sure that you have a good argument for making the contact.

Position a Life-Link actions announcement board at a central well-visited hall at your school, where Life-Link news and media information can be announced.