Engage Schools near You

The Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme with 62 proposed actions, as well as the Life-Link initiated Earth Care Campaign 2010-2014 with 3 advanced core actions, will benefit from engagement of a high number of schools world-wide.

Remember that schools have never before in history worked in partnership across national and cultural borders in order to make our one Planet Earth, our common "living-room" a more secure place where to coexist!

Your school can for sure promote this programme by informing and involving other schools!

Classes at your school can perform any of the Life-Link small actions together with classes other nearby schools! Why not perform an annual Clean Up action or a Tree Planting action together with all schools in your community. Introduce new local traditions! Bring your school’s education into your community. Then inform your partner schools also to report the action on www.life-link.org - JOIN NOW !

At sport events or cultural events, why not inform other schools that you meet about this programme?

What about introducing your international partner-schools into the Life-Link programme!

Students can talk to young friends that study at another nearby or distant school: "Have you heard about this new thrilling youth initiative for a better world?" - mention www.life-link.org !

Teachers meet at conferences – then spread the message in plenary sessions or workshops or during informal discussions. Tell your colleagues proudly about your performed actions!

The principal or responsible teacher or school board representative can discuss with the community educational department and the Mayor, how to involve "all" community schools into Life-Link actions! Keep your nearby educational department informed! Make your community well known internationally by use of schools actions, reported to www.life-link.org .

If you are a committed retired or semi-retired educator, you can easily engage as a regular visiting Life-Link promoter at some schools in your community or region.

A wonderful model for communication between neighbours is the network of schools in northern Chile, southern Peru and western Bolivia that have formed an informal alliance called Schools without Borders, Escuelas sin Frontieras. The programme within this small network of schools builds on the Life-Link programme!

Bring your successful action results to local media – other schools might want to catch up with your experiences from the Life-Link programme!

Everyone can be an ambassador, bringing the Life-Link action-oriented Care programme to other schools.
Good Luck!