to Life-Link Friendship-Schools

from Argentina

Educator Eduardo and LL Advisor Marcela Maso

A reaction 2007 from a new school in Argentina: All their work there is quite important and their job is double: educate according to the curriculum and according to human rights and interests. I think they will be very active because, as Eduardo told us, Life-Link fits their aim of integrating feelings, thoughts and way of living. So, here's another school. /Marcela

from Australia

Australian Embassy in Stockholm

"Life-Link´s ´Youth Peace Actions 2000+´ is a highly commendable initiative that promises to do much to promote communication amongst the world´s youth. In recognition of this and your desire for more schools to join the campaign, I have forwarded the manual to the Australian Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs. I wish Life-Link every success with ´Youth Peace Actions 2000+´. Yours sincerely Sephen Bradly, Ambassador." 1999


"The Governor-General has asked me to thank you for your letter. While the governor-General fully supports the ideal of international communication between our youth and universal harmony, he regrets that, as a general practice, he does not send messages to organisations, or become involved in initiatives, with which he is not personally associated in respect of events outside Australia. Yours sincerely, Kevin Davidson, Senior Adviser to the Governor-General." 1999

Clean Up the World campaign (2010)

As the 18th Clean Up the World Weekend approaches, we’d like to particularly thank your group for being active in protecting our planet for more than 5 years. You’re a valued member of the Clean Up the World team. Please read the attached in recognition of your contribution. Kind regards, The Clean Up the World Team

from Barbados

Clifford Husbands, Governor-General

"His Excellency the Governor-General, Sir Clifford Husbands, GCMG, KA wishes to acknowledge, with thanks, the receipt of your correspondence relating to the Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme. Yours faithfully, P.A. Layne, Private Secretary to the Governor-General" 1999

from Belarus

Mr.V.Kalinin Head of SICCHRE, Smorgon city

Dear Life-Link and Hans, Thank you for the message. My greeting to Life-Link and Conference in Amman Dear Colleauges from over the world. We are working on sustainable development , children rights education and water , RRR issues in Belarus for the last 3 years. We realised that our cooperation with Life -Link organisation is the way to work with pupils,students and youth in an innovative way to prepare them to live and survive in a new global society with new knowledge of water and RRR issues. With peace and love from Smorgon,Belarus

from Belgium

60 Ideas for Europe 2008

This is just a quick email to notify you that your post has been approved and published online. You can see it at Best Regards 60 Ideas for Europe

from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fahrudin Rizvanbegovic, Minister of Education

"October 19, the IDEAS day 1996, we hope to find a suitable street, plant trees, and make it become 'Life-Link Alley'. It will also be an action day for general cleaning of the Sarajevo city. All the highschool students and teachers will participate, and community firms will help too. Let us hope for nice weather!"

from Canada

Tim Grant, Green Teacher

"After reading your fax, I must congratulate you. Life-Link has created a wonderful programme!"

Douglas Roche, ambassador

"I wish you the greatest success with the exiting and very worthwile seminar."

from Chile

Ms Giesela Scheuch, Teacher Arica

Reaction from a school teacher in Arica, participating in the Life-Link & UNESCO Culture of Care pilot project 2007. The students' reactions were excellent, they change their attitude towards themselves and others.They are against war and they love peace. I must say that I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to participate in this program.

Jorge Alejandro Núñez Sandoval, CONAMA (Institution Environment), Arica - Chile

From CONAMA (Institution Environment) We would like to thank Mrs. Gladys Hernandez for her outstanding work as the coordinator in Life-Link NGO, using methods of student participation in schools by developing a guidebook Water for Life 2008. Through applying the book in teaching in the schools in this region we hope to increase a good use of the water recourses, which in its turn is a valuable contribution in the diffusion of respect, peace and local identity. Through her initiative the work of environmental certification that our institution offers to the schools in Chile has been valued more. Her work has generated notable advance when it comes to including the topic of water as a subject in the schools. And she has helped in an important way to form a network of associations as a support towards a sustainable development. Dirección y Planificación Unidad EDUPAC. Educación Ambiental y Participación Ciudadana CONAMA REGIÓN XV DE ARICA Y PARINACOTA TEL.: 58 - 585 212 anexo 210 Fax: 58 - 585 213 Dir.: 7 de Junio nº 268, 5º Piso, Of. 503. Arica - Chile (June 2008)

Gladys Hernández and Patricio Tudela, Life-Link Coordinators Arica city

A Report 2009 of Life-Link Programme inspired activities and actions performed at six schools in Arica; Conclusion: Teachers say: We are working because the Life-Link program inspires us, because we have noticed the dedication from Life-Link staff and friends of this program.

Ruth Dini Principal of Escuela D-4, Arica

Ruth Dini Principal of Escuela D-4 Arica-Chile and Mr Pedro Gutierrez as a representative of the teachers greet you and say: Thanks for congratulations on the work of teachers and students (about Evaluation of Life-Link & UNESCO ASPnet Culture of Care - Culture for Peace.) ..... For us it is an honor to work with you Mr Hans Levander and his staff. We are committed: To continue working on this program during 2010 -2014 . And thanks again to congratulate our 52 th Anniversary of the School. Affectionate greetings

from Cuba

Embassy of Cuba in Sweden

"I have forwarded the Life-Link information material to the Ministry of Education. For us it is extremely gratifying to see that Cuban schools, although not a part of this project, are heading towards the creation of a new human being that amongst other values cultivates environmental control, health, the importance of avoiding war and safeguarding peace, as well as both individual and collective concern, and other important aspects that we find included in the Life-Link Manual. Twinning between Cuban schools and schools in other parts of the world is also taking place, and have turned out to be an interesting and enriching experience….I thank you again for your kindness, and we wish this project will be successful. Sincerely yours, Marianela Ferriol, Ambassador" 1999

from Cyprus

Glafcos Clerides, President of the Republic of Cyprus

"International communication is the par excellence way to international understanding and tolerance leading to world peace. Education not only by virtue of its overall importance in society but also by involving individuals and groups at their formative years has a supreme role in establishing through links and cooperation a sense of communal spirit among the people of the Earth." 2000

from Czech Republic

Václav Havel, President

"On behalf of President Václav Havel I would like to thank you for your letter dated 10 December 1999 requesting the President to encourage schools in the Czech Republic to communicate and cooperate with schools in other countries and to express his personal opinion regarding ´Youth and Schools in International Communication and Cooperation´. Unfortunately, President Havel´s duties as Head of State do not allow him to acced to all requests. Therefore, I suggest you contact our Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education (address). Thank you again, and I wish you great success. Sincerely yours, Pavel fischer, Director Political Department." 1999

from Denmark

Jesper Peterson, student

"This week at the Life-Link seminar in Sigtuna, Sweden, has been the most important personal event in my life!" '90s

from Egypt

Ezzat Hassan teacher El-Marg School, Egypt

..this area suffers from problems.......since we joined the Life-Link schools, we had a lot of ideas about the activites for the children. we were inspired by the variety of activites that were drived from the three main topics of Life-Link. These activities were recieved by great welcome from our students, teachers and parents as they address their interests and give them what satisfy them. They wanted to plant trees as they have no trees in the local environment. they wanted to learn how to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse water as they are in great need for pure drinking water in their area. They wanted to learn how to recycle materials and reuse them again to save money as they suffer from bad economical conditions. They practised these activites in a free and non-formal way that made them enjoy doing them. They wanted to talk against violence and teach themselves how to be peaceful and effective in their community. We used your website as our guideline for our activites and we were happy to explore it and see what did the other life-link schools do. We were surprised to see the great participation from the students and their parents in our activites. The parents often offered their help and support for these activities and most of them called me to ask me to involve their children in our activities....

from Ghana

Solomon Gyam, student

"I have learned more during this week than during all my school time."

from Greece

Embassy of Greece in Sweden

"A copy of the letter along with the ´Manual on Youth Caring and Sharing Peace Actions at Schools Worldwide, Year 2000 and 2000+´ were communicated to the Greek Ministry for Education, Section of International Programmes. As soon as we hear from them, we will not fail to advise you accordingly. Sinderely yours, Alexis-Paul Stephanou, Chargé d´affaires a.i." 2000

from Holy See (Vatican City State)

John Paul II, His Holiness the Pope

"His Holiness Pope John Paul II duly received your letter and he has directed me to reply in his name. His Holiness appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to write and he invokes God´s blessing upon you and your colleagues in your efforts to increase international contacs between schools. With regard to the particular case of Vatican City State, I would point our the the Vatican consists mostly of offices of the Holy See. There is no school, since the children of the lay residents attend schools in Italy. Yours sincerely, Monsignor Pedro López Quintana, Assessor." 2000

from India

K. R. Narayanan, President

"I am delighted to learn about the 'Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme' working towards promoting international cooperation and confidence building measures through youth action. It is heartening to note the awareness and eagerness shown by the promoters as well as the participants of the programme towards issues that are of critical importance to the future of humanity and the world. Younger people all over the world have to come forward, to decide and direct the course of their destiny and the path the world has to take in the new millennium. The confidence and optimism with which they are taking initiatives and leading movements, is indeed laudable. I wish the initiative every success. January 11, 2000, New Delhi" 2000

from Ireland

McAleese, President

"I have read through the material which you sent in and I can appreciate the motivation behind the scheme. I would like to explain that the President does executive role and cannot be personally assiciated with procest or schemes such as this. I will, however, refer your letter to the Department of Ecuation and Science for consideration. The President hopes you will understand and sends you her good wishes. Yours sincerely, Mary O´Dommell, Secretariat." 2000

Mairead Maguire (Corrigan), Founder Nothern Ireland Peace Movement, Community of Peace People, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"Many thanks for your letter. I have great pleasure in supporting this excellent campaing to promote peace programmes at schools world-wide. Thank you for inviting me to do so. This Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme appeal to me very much as I do believe we can create a new culture of peace and nonviolence starting with the children at home and in schools. You will be aware of the work of the Novel Peace Laureates and UN in the promotion of of a Decade of Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World 2001-2010 in which many of us have been very active. In N. Ireland we initiated a schools programme ( see ) which we launched throughout the schools in Ireland - North and South - and this material can be downloaded and used by teachers in encouraging young people to bring their own creative talents to peacemaking and conflict resolution and friendship building. I hope you will enjoy reading this material. I believe everyone can do something for peace by practising kindness and compassion. Warmest wishes, Mairead." 2003

from Jamaica

Howard Cooke, Governor-General

"Youth and Schools in International Communication and Co-operation is a positive move, and it is my wish that students and teachers everywhere seize the opportunities inherent in this networking to enhance their own development and understanding of global issues. In our struggles to achieve a better world, this must be one of our prime considerations. As we train our youth to appreciate each other we are cultivating a society where there is less mistrust and more willingness to work together to achieve goals that can no longer be seen as regional or national, but international. Goals, for instance, that relate to health, education, the environment and trade are universal topics and the time has come for us to seek global solutions to our problems. I extend best wishes for the success of this project as you pursue partnerships with schools across the world." 2000

from Japan

Manabu Iwasaki, Hiroshima Peace Instiute

"We find a number of actions in the manual very interesting. We believe that all the youth will learn lots of things in the process of promoting and performing concrete caring and sharing actions. We, as an institute for peace, sincerely hope that young generation can strengthen the values of peace, love, and understanding for a peaceful world through this programme. I would like to express our sincerest wishes for your continued success in the future. With Best regards." 1999

Earth Watching Club and Mayor Satoru Yamada, Nishinomiya City

Letter of Appreciation 2008: Thank you for you contribution to the 15th EWC Eco-Panel Exhibition. Your outstanding work inspired many people and encouraged them to take actions for protecting our precious Earth.

from Jordan

UNESCO Arab region, Mrs Anjum Haque, Director UNESCO Amman

12 June 2008. Dear Dr Hans Levander. Subject: Regional Consultations; UNESCO ASPnet Arab National Coordinators Evaluation workshop; Life-Link & UNESCO ASPnet Pilot Project Culture of Care & Water for Life 2007-2008. This letter is to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your support and collaboration to organize the ASPnet/Life-Link international conference in Petra, 3-6 June 2008. Your valued support and enthusiasm gave us a strong impact that will help in strengthening the ASPnet in Jordan and the (Arab) Region. We would like to extend our thanks to the Life-Link experts and trainers whom contributed to the success of the workshop. Our Arab National ASPnet Coordinators were very touched with the efforts you made to spread the soul of peace in the world and they hope that you continue your valuable mission in spite of the difficulties you may face. We look forward to continuing collaboration between Life-Link and UNESCO programmes, which will lead particularly to the success of the ASPnet in Jordan and the Arab Region. Yours Sincerely

from Kuwait

National Commission - UNESCO

"We do appreciate the globally beneficial and developmental campaign you have launched through ´Life-Link´. However, we are sorry fo inform you that due to scheduled reasons, the concerned authorities have regretted their inability to participate in this campaign. Wishing you all success in your endeavours and with the assurances of our highest consideration. Yours sincerely, Dr Humoud Al-Sadoun, Secretary General Kuwait National Commission-UNESCO, Assistant Under-Secretary Ministry of Education." 1999

Madame Chantal Al Gharabally, School Director KNES

(Life-Link & UNESCO pilot program 2007-2008) Dear Dr. Levander, I am writing concerning your recent letter regarding the forthcoming conference in Petra. I would like to suggest that the UNESCO pilot project concerning water and its consumption around the globe should be extended and expanded. Our pupils enjoyed working within this interesting field and finding out the sheer extent to which they waste water and how if extrapolated to a community or even a whole country then they could visualize that the scale of this problem is vast. It is an interesting project encompassing science, mathematics, social studies, geography and is a truly cross curricular study. This project could be extended in the various ways suggested on the pre-conference letter, but simply increasing the member countries and the number of participating schools will make this extremely important project a worldwide success. The pupils, staff and parents at Kuwait National English School have all been proud and happy to be involved with this pilot project and we all hope it continues. Yours Sincerely. 1 June 2008

from Lithuania

President of the Republic of Lithuania

"The President was informed of your proposals. Your letter has been forwarded to the Ministry of Ecuation and Science of Lithuania. We hope that these contacts will grow into mutually beneficial co-operation. Sincerely, Darius Kuolys, Adviser to the President." 2000

from Namibia

President of the Republic of Namibia

"The President has been appraised of the contents of your letter, particularly for your keen interest to encourage schools in your country to communicate and cooperate with schools in Namibia and other countries. In this connection, we wish you to establish a successful communication programme with the Namibian schools and hope that, as you correctly put it, would increase the confidence building and cooperation among our youth. While this Office encourages and appreciates your effort, we wish to inform you that your letter has been forwarded to the Ministry of Basic Education and Culture for their attention and consideration. Please accept, Mr Levander, the assurances of my highest consideration. Sincerely, John Nauta, Acting Secretary to the President." 2000

from Norway

H.M. The King

"H.M. The King has instructed me to acknowledge your letter 10 December 1999 and to inform you that the letter has been forwarded to the Ministry of Education, Research and Church Affairs as the proper authority. Yours sincerely, M. Hagen, Private Secretary to H.M. The King of Norway." 1999

from Portugal

Jorge Sampaio, President

"President Jorge Sampaio asked me to thank you for the books you have sent him. With best regards, Lídio de Magalhaes, Chief of the Cabinet." 2000

from Romania

National UNESCO Commission

"I received with great interest the Manual of Youth Caring and Sharing Peace Actions at Schools …. and I have the pleasure to inform you that this excellent book will be duplicated and will be transmitted to ASP-Schools in Romania. Yours sincerely, Lucretia Baluta, ASP/SEMEP coordinator." 1999

Ms Silvia Vulc, Educator

Yes, we planned many actions based on the Life - Link programm. Yes, it is very important. At national level, we adopted strategies for erasing the violence in schools. (Oct 2007)

from Russian Federation

Deputy Chairman, Moscow

"The Moscow Committee for Education recommends the Life-Link programme for Moscow schools."

Nickolay Dmitriev, Director Division of International Cooperation, Ministry of Ecucation of the Russian Federation.

"The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation appreciate your vivid interest to Russian schools and educational institutes and has a great pleasure to thank your for inviting our representative to participate in such an important and inspiring conference as Life-Link International Youth and Schools Conference turned out to be. We find the result our your discussions with Mrs Shirinova very perspective and up-to-date and your step-by-step plan realizable. The report from the Conference, made by our delegate was impressive and detailed. Both friendly and creative atmosphere and excellent organization were empathized. We are interested in the promotion of the Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme at Russian schools, pupils age 12-19. We agree to start working at the draft agenda of this promotion for the period July 2001 - December 2002. Details of a translation of the Life-Link Manual into Russian are awaited* . We wish you success in your important and demanding work." 2001 * Comment: The Life-Link Manual is now translated into Russian and available on our website.

Genrikh D. Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of Moscow Committee of Education

"Moscow Committee of Education has become acquainted with your letter addressed to the Mayor of Moscow Mr Y. Luzhkov. Your idea of schools cooperation and communication through school-twinning and school-networking seems to us very interesting. Our Committee will suggest Moscow schools and gymnasiums to participate in the programme. Yours sincerely." 1997

Moscow School 1224

A Letter of Appreciation of the Life-Link program 2008, ending with "At the meeting of the Board it was underlined that the main result of Water for Life action is that the students adopted lifestyle which cares for our common resource such as water. It was pointed out that the participation in Water for Life action gives a chance to the students to increase their abilities in research activities and promotes their language skill, information and communication technologies. At the meeting it was decided to include Culture of Care -> Culture for Peace, Water for Life action into our permanent school curriculum. Sincerely yours Yuri Demin School coordinator."

School 1411, Moscow Nov. 2009

Speaking about Life-Link programme value I'd like to mention that under the conditions of dynamically developing world, countries pay great attention to economical processes. However we mustn't forget that we live on the one planet. Earth is our home. Thus we should care for our home. Life-Link gives us a chance to make a pause and think of our attitude to ourselves, others and nature. That is why the the concept and ethics of Care for Myself - Care for Others - Care for Nature works extremely effective. In fact, doing something we should start from ourselves. Improve ourselves, have steady moral principals, in order to be useful for others and live in harmony with nature. This is what the Life-Link programmes teaches us. A number of projects were perfrormed in the school #1411 such as Day of Peace on the 21st of September, Water for Life action. The students treated the project work with great interest. Parents also take an active part in the projects and actions. As the programmes are aimed to unifying people for effective collaboration. the Life-Link actions give the opportunities to approve oneself and improve creativity. The Life-Link program provides an idea of protection of peace, natural resourses and the planet in general. All these are the essential parts of educational process. The school gives not only knowledge, but developes and nurtures personality. The aims are to protect the planet and save the live on the Earth. Nadezhda Pushkareva Life-Link project monitor School 1411, Moscow.

School - Center of Education 654 Moscow

We've received the Certificate of Life-Link for the first tlme! We are very grateful and very proud of it! It's a great encourage for us! Of course, we've studied a Unique 2010 Life-Link Newsletter. I did inform my school's board and student council about this call for Action2010-2014. We'll join this historical campaign that will benefit our mutual home- Planet Earth! Sincerely yours Center of Education №654 named after Fridman and Ludmila Brukshe-- / March 2010

Ms. Lyudmila Brukshe, Center of Education No 654, Moscow.

Life-Link Board! It's a great idea to send us Life-Link Alert № 1.We are really inspired by it and we need inspiration in our every day work.The whole program of Life-Link is unique and relevant to schools and societies nowadays. We hope that our pupils will be brought up as ecologically-minded persons, who are concerned about problems on our Planet. Life-Link Ethics and Value-Base will contribute a lot to achieve this goal. (2 Nov 2010)

Nadezhda Pushkareva Life Link coordinator Moscow school 1411

Dear partners, We appreciate the possibility of participating in the Earth Care Campaign 2010-2014. Currently we've managed to perform a great number of actions devoted to the Culture of Care, Water for Life, RRR. We understand the importance of entering international networking and campaign. Taking into consideration the calls for innovative approaches we've made up our mind and came to a decision to introduce the Water for Life and Culture of Care programs to our school regular curriculum. We have 1 lesson in a week called form meeting. Within this hour students discuss urgent affairs of the class, hold debates on the topics bothering them. Our administration gave us a chance to introduce 10 minutes briefings into the duration of the form meeting. The group of students, involved in the Life Link Leaf program of our school is in the process of performing presentations of the Life Link programs and actions. Thus we'll manage to increase the quantity of students participating in the Earth Care Campaign 2010-2014. We'll do our best to awake students' concern in the global value topics. Best regards, Nadezhda Pushkareva Life Link coordinator Moscow school 1411. January 2011

from South Africa

F. W. de Klerk, former President

"Dear Dr Levander- Former President F W de Klerk - who is at present overseas - has asked me to thank you for your letter of 6 August and for the material that you sent him regarding Life-Link. Mr De Klerk would like to congratulate you on your initiative. It is of the greatest importance that today's school children should be provided with the skills, information and motivation that they will require to play constructive roles in the globalising world that we all increasingly share. Care for oneself, care for others and care for the environment will be the key to success and can help to build a better and safer world. Our children must learn that they can make a contribution by living out these values in their daily lives, in their own classrooms and in their own communities. The F W De Klerk Foundation will support your initiative at every practical and suitable occasion. /Yours sincerely, Dave Steward, Executive Director" 2003

Desmund M Tuto, Archbishop Emeritus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"Thank you for your letter and the information you have snet me. I encourage and support what you are doing and wish you well. The Life-Link project has similarities with PeaceJam, another youth oriented peace programme operating in schools with which I and other Nobel Peace Laureates are associated. PeaceJam is based in the United States but they are working with great success in a number of countries such as India, Costa Rica, Guatemala and South Africa. (" 2003

Nelson Mandela, President Emeritus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter sent to Mr Mandela and the enclosed material. Please note that the contents of your letter has been noted. Mr Mandela has asked that I convey his best wishes to you. Yours sincerely, John Samuel, Chief Executive." 2003

from Sweden

Anna Lindh, former Foreign Minister

"Thank you for your letter and the enclosed peace-manuals. The Life-Link activities about the international partner-schools programme is impressive and is a good example on how to shape security in its broadest sense. Keep our department for international development NGOactivities informed. Good luck with the future work. Best regards." 1999

Jan Eliasson, Ambassador

"Thank you for information about the Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme. This method for longterm prevention of conflicts is enormously valuable. You have my full support from the bottom of my heart. Thank you also for interesting thoughts about conflict resolution, I will keep my colleagues informed."

Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden

"The King has been informed about your letter discussing Swedish schools in international dialogues. He has asked me to convey his reaction that this project is most positive and necessary, and that he will have this project in mind for future considerations. /Yours Sincerely Bertil Klint at the Royal Administration." 2000

from Switzerland

in the name of past President, Ms Ruth Dreifuss

"..we are forwarding your request to CH Echanges de Jeunes, the national agency for youth exchanges….While wishing you full success with your projected Partner-Schools Programme, we would also like to encourage you to remain in close contact with our Unit of International Cooperation. Best regards, Gerhard M. Schuwey, Director, federal Office for Education and Science." 2000

from Trinidad and Tobago

Arthur N R Robinson, President

"His Excellency conveys best wishes for the success of the Life-Link Friendship-Schools Programme. Yours sincerely, Leonore S. Dorset Executive Assistant to His Excellency, The President." 2000

from Ukraine

Svetlana Kudryashova Peace School, Kyiv, Ukraine

Today is the International Teachers’ Day and we congratulate you and everybody who works with Life – Link And wish creative inspiration in your work. You are our greatest teacher and we worship your activity. Best Regards, Svetlana Kudryashova, English teacher, Peace School, Kyiv, Ukraine, October 2010

from United Kingdom

Katy Withers, student

"Never have I experienced so much enthusiasm grouped in one space, nor have I known such hope, willingness and solidarity shown between strangers."

Queen Elisabeth II

"The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter and enclosures of 10th December. Her Majesty appreciated your thoughfulness in writing to her about the aims of Life-Link and was interested to know of its work amongst schools. ….it would be best for you to write direct to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment … Yours sincerely, Mrs Deborah Bean, Chief Correspondence Officer." 1999

Secretary of State for Education and Employment

"Thank you for your letter of 12 January 2000 to the Secretary of State, regarding International Youth at Schools projects and the Life-Link Campaign. I have been asked to reply on his behalf. The Department for Education and Employment funds an organisation called the Central Bureau for International Education and Training (CBIET), and they would be best place to assist with your enquiry. ……. I am forwarding your letter, and the accompanying Life-Link manual to the Central Bureau …. Best whishes, and good luck with the campaign. Yours sincerely, Matt Connell, International Realtions Department for Education and Employment." 2000

ECIS European Council of International Schools

May 2009: ECIS awards Dr Levander, chairperson Life-Link Friendship-Schools for the "PROMOTION OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION - In Recognition of Exemplary Contrubutions and Outstanding Service Which Hve Helped to Promote International Education".

Boyd Roberts International Global Citizen's Award

Dear Hans, You will have received separately a message from me and IB's support for the Earth Care campaign. A few years ago, we were in touch about our respective projects - the International Global Citizen's Award, in my case, and Life-Link Friendship Schools, in yours. The IGC Award is growing steadily, and we have new schools in India and China starting the programme this year. There are schools in ten countries involved. I will be delighted to circulate materials about the Earth Care campaign 2010-2014 to these schools, and to encourage involvement. The work you are doing is important and I hope it will be well supported and taken up by many schools. Please keep me informed about how things develop. With all best wishes Boyd Educating for global citizenship - a practical guide for schools Published by International Baccalaureate, 11 February 2009

from United Nations

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Secretary General

"The material you sent me makes it clear that School-Twinning can be of great help in fostering a spirit of peace and understanding in the world." '1990s

Kofi Annan, Secretary General

"I am happy that you had your conference (School Twinning and School Networking)... I believe firmly in the role of NGOs... Children should be given access to modern information technology, girls in particular... You are the leaders of the 21st century, you are the future and youth is the future of the United Nations... Education is one of the key agents needed to improve the future of the youth... Encourage teachers to educate the students about this global village we all live in... At an internationally oriented school, young people can have the advantage of learning about other cultures and religions of the world that has become so interdependent... No one can afford to think in pure local terms, we are all linked..." 1997

UNEP - United Nations Environmental Programme

"We are pleased to be informed that you have listed our organisation in your Manual and hope it will be beneficial to our networking intentions. …. Wishing you every success in your future endeavours. Yours sincerely, Theodore E. A. Oben, Programme Officer, Children Youth and Sport Programme (CPI)"


"I am pleased to inform you that UNICEF is already involved in promoting peace, rights and global solidarity through our interactive internet project called "Voices of Youth" .At country level, UNICEF is supporting a variety of peace education-related activities, which are all part of our efforts to promote quality education for all children. UNICEF´s focus on girls´ education is an attempt to eliminate gender discrimination in education, a pre-requisite for peace building. ( Once again, thank you for sharing your proposal with us. I wish you every success in your endeavours. Yours sincerely. Carol Bellamy - Executive director" 2003

UN Water Secretariat - Mr Frederik Pischke

Thank you very much for your informing us of your valuable work in support of the International Decade for Action "Water for Life" 2005-2015. We would like you to know that it is initiatives as your own that make the valuable contributions towarde the sustainable use of available water resouces for rasing awareness and creatively educating the youth around water issues. Your advocacy and efforts to get involved are highly appreciated. It is with pleasure that we authorize Life-Link to use the Water for Life Decade Logo for fundraising purposes as descibed in the application letter you attached. (Non profit fundraising). 30 July 2009

from United States of America

Al Gore, Vice President

"I have made environmental protection one of my highest priorities. I look forward to working with you for the future of our planet." 1993

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

"I applaude your efforts at making international peace programs available for schools. It is indeed a good idea. I have always advocated education as an answer-if not the answer-to prejudice and hate. As for a specific peace curriculum, I would likte to know more about your thoughts on this subject. With best, best wishes." 2003

The Carter Center

"We wish you well in your efforts, but regret that President Carter is not able to promote your program. His work at The Carter Center and Emory University has created a schedule that makes it impossible to make further commitments of his time. Sincerely. Paula Bosarge, Director of Correspondence." 2003