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Life-Link, after 21 years of voluntary work, now needs some financial support in order to keep up to a High Quality and the Best Practice within the Life-Link Friendship-Schools educational programme, that is today reaching all continents.

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Life-Link Friendship-Schools is registered as an official Non-Governmental Organisation in Sweden. The Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme builds on Social and Natural sciences and is neither politically nor religiously aligned.

The Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme is a medical doctor's and some educators' reaction to the Cold War of the 1980s and to a documented despair among teenagers, who were feeling marginalized and confronted with the risk of environmental degradation and nuclear annihilation.

The programme builds on the common sense that it is imperative that we all must consider our/my responsibility for a constructive behaviour towards Myself, towards Others, towards Nature. Life-Link branches peace ethics into the three interdependent dimensions of Care for Myself - Care for Others - Care for Nature.

Youth, teachers and parents in more than 700 schools in 90 countries use the Life-Link Friendship-Schools programme today. More than 3000 performed small Care Actions have been reported on our website. UNESCO has recognized the Life-Link program, and a pioneering collaboration has started at several UNESCO schools (ASPnet).

The programme is in full harmony with United Nations decade Education for Sustainable Development, Water for Life and Culture of Peace decades included.

The benefits of the concrete Life-Link program can be discussed on six levels: Students - Teachers - Schools - Communities - Countries - Planet Earth.

Economy Ethics

Life-Link board has regular almost Monthly meetings with protocols and summarizing appendices. Students have a guaranteed place as members of the board, as regulated within the Life-Link statute.

Life-Link's Care Actions are performed at schools world-wide on voluntary basis.

An official auditor keeps control of the Life-Link accounting.

Life-Link offers the program for free, asking for no money from any school.

The small office in Uppsala, Sweden has some financial contribution from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that covers office and secretary expenses.

the Need for Money

In order to keep up to recent positive demands for high program quality, raised by schools and education Institutes, Life-Link needs more money. This need comes first of all for production and sending of pedagogic material to schools, but also for participation at international conferences and meetings. Certain administration work also needs financial compensation now and then.

No money will be sent to participating schools, except for some that are waived of the conference fee during Life-Link international conferences.

You can be sure that your financial contribution will be used according to the Life-Link statute and high ethical standards, and for the benefit of an unique peace promoting youth programme at and around schools world-wide!

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